Chile is our second home!

We know what’s going on, and can assist you, your project, your company, or your business venture…

Representation in Chile

For Chile we offer:

  • Full promotional and commercial representation
  • Provision of continuity of your corporate image and activities between existing customers and local markets
  • Introduction and PR services required to launch into new local markets
  • Provision of a direct service in Spanish for Chile and Latin America answering inquiries and questions during Latin American office hours quickly, clearly and concisely with the parallel support of your office

Translation Service: English><Spanish

High Quality, Affordable Translation Solutions

  • Document translation (print and digital)
  • Software
  • Websites
  • Reports
  • Training materials
  • Legal documents
  • Media proposals

Bespoke Travel Arrangements

DMC Services

  • Bilingual Guides specialised in each excursion
  • 24/7 Emergency Phone contact
  • Excursion descriptions available in different languages complete with technical excursion data
  • Day before passenger contact by hotel fax or phone call for trip coordination
  • High and low resolution image bank available for promotional purposes
  • Quotations within 24 hrs
  • Service reports
  • Client branding presence
  • Creativity and flexibility throughout initial contact, quotation, reservation and confirmation process
  • Absolute discretion for VIP’s
  • Security services coordination for VIP’s

Tour Leader and Tour Director Service

A guide is NOT the same as a Tour Leader!

  • A Tour Guide is someone local who works within an area they know very well. They provide a tour of a city, national park or a visit to a specific attraction like a vineyard.
  • A National Guide (also known as a Tour Director or Tour Manager) is someone who leads a group throughout a country or part of a country. Their job entails providing commentary, routing the tour, timing the tour and looking after logistics like domestic airport and hotel check-ins, as well as coordinating reservations for local attractions. Contrary to popular belief they are in charge of everything not the Coach Driver.
  • A Tour Leader is someone who leads a group overseas. They may or may not have visited the place prior to their group’s visit. Their job is quality control ensuring the clients get what they paid for, coordinating international flights, being on hand to deal with emergencies, and ensuring safety procedures and standards are up to scratch. Also a TL must make sure the people have a good time!

Media Fixer service

Blue Strata Fixer service provides:

  • logistical support
  • facilitates permit acquisition
  • customs and airport formalities assistance
  • location sourcing
  • talent
  • crews
  • equipment
  • accommodation and transportation

Visit Chile

Everything except tropical jungle!

  • Sports and Adventure

    • Canopying, Cycling, Diving, Fishing, Horse Trekking, Kayaking, Rafting, Mountain Climbing, Paragliding and Aeronautical, Sailing, Surfing, Sand-boarding, Skiing, Trekking
  • Nature in Chile

    • Beaches, Bird Watching, Flora and Fauna, National Parks and Reserves, Overland and Maritime Expeditions
  • Culture and Heritage

    • Archaeology, Buildings and Monuments, Churches, Historic Destinations and Heritage Sites, Museums, Native Peoples, Palaeontology, Traditional Customs and Festivals
  • Astronomy

    • Observatories, Zero Light Pollution Locations
  • Relaxation and Well-being

    • Expedition Cruise Ships, Natural Hot Springs and Spas, Resorts
  • City Life

    • Traditional Commerce and Handicraft Workshops, Casinos, Nightlife, Shopping
  • Wine and Food

    • Traditional Cuisine, Wine Routes
  • Business tourism

    • Conventions, Exhibitions, Incentives