Expedition Planning and Logistics

We have a proven track record of successful, commercial expedition and logistical “challenges”. In uncertain environments, solutions must be tailored to minimise risk while providing cost efficient results. If Chile and Patagonia is your destination – whether a small and exclusive project or large scale movement of people or vehicles – we can supply expert advice. For overland, underwater or ice, desert or the Andes environments, we can help.

Local contacts

We have an established and extensive network of local contacts and fixers working alongside our experienced, Chile and United Kingdom expedition team. We have over 20 years of working as a local provider with close contact with local key providers to ensure everything runs smoothly from the point of contact to completion. We are able to source larger or one off items in country, saving on portage and transportation costs.

On-location support

We can assist in identifying unique treks or challenges, providing the expertise to manage the complexities of working in your chosen environment. Our comprehensive expedition planning and logistics consultancy includes comprehensive on location support and co-ordination – everything from the conducting of an initial recce, sourcing porters, vetting local security, transport and equipment providers, obtaining Government permissions, local purchase and preparation with weighing out of provisions and co-ordinating casivac procedure coverage en route.

We have experience of working on international co-productions and are familiar with the challenges of differing operational requirements for multiple-region clients.

All terrain and environments

Surviving and operating in environmentally hostile regions takes planning, expertise and sound risk management. Our experienced team members have worked in some unique and extreme conditions including active volcanos, under ice and extremely remote Patagonian channels, so when you work with one of our advisors you get the full benefit of that experience.

Evacuation and contingency plans

We are able to provide all the support required for your expedition, from implementing crisis management, emergency evacuation and contingency plans through to a detailed analysis of your route and end destination.